What is GlamoreFans

Quite simply, GlamoreFans is a content subscription service which allows creators or influencers to make money on what they post. 

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Step 1: Register

Register & Create a great username for all to follow.

Step 2: Login & Upload

Go to your profile and upload your age verification documents.

Step 3: Add Banking Info

Once verified, add your banking information to be sure you get paid.

Features For Our Creators

share image posts on glamorefans





    Make an image post for free, paid subscription or unlock it for a fee


share image posts on glamorefans





    Make a video post for free, paid subscription or unlock it for a fee.

Remember, you're the Creator, make your content wow them and they will come back and keep subscribing to your content monthly.


Chat live with your fans night or day

chat on glamorefans


Live Stream to your Fans and get paid with Tips.


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How does GlamoreFans work?

The social media platform allows users (fans) to subscribe to creators' content, which is how they make money on it.

To make money as an influencer on GlamoreFans, you just sign up for an account and provide your bank details so you can get paid. Then start creating content and hopefully see some money coming in. The creators are responsible for setting the price for subscribers to view their content.

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